2013-10-29 13:18:25 by LahBT

I'm really surprised.
I received a good attention on Newgrounds. I thought that, for a start, it would be difficult because I'm new here, I don't exactly know all the ways I can expose my drawings on this site, and etc... (as it was difficult on other sites. It cost me a little time for someone to notice my works).
But it was not.
In 3 days I got 547 views in one drawing. I mean... maaaaan, it's a lot. For me it's a lot. Even comments people sent me.
I'm like...what the heck???? What I did special?? xDDDD
Hahaha kidding.
But seriously now, guys. I'm entirely happy. Thank you all, so much, from the bottom of my heart.
It just made my day.


2013-10-26 20:17:31 by LahBT




2013-10-25 15:14:45 by LahBT

First of all... I'm not American, nor British.. then I ask the cooperation of all, because my English probably isn't the best, but I'm trying. (Years of English course are being evaluated at this moment. Hehe)

I joined Newgrounds a long time ago, but I didn't publish anything at first because I was waiting an opportunity to create an animation or a flash game to introduce me to this network. I was, then, just submitting my work in Deviantart (My Homepage, by the way..) and in my Blog (My Blog, by the way²... It's in Portuguese and translated to English).
The fact is that, in the end, my plan didn't happen the way I expected. My Blog wasn't getting many views, and remains so today. Deviantart, unlike my Blog, was my main point. There I could expose my work with great success... in 2011. Now very few people in Deviant continue to enjoy my work and interact with me. I don't exactly understand why it's happening, but I have a hypothesis that it's because of the type of people who are attending the site, recently. The vast majority are women between 12 to 25, more or less, and almost all of them has the same characteristic: only like anime/manga drawings, cute drawings or a kind of "not exactly dark drawing" (a "not exactly dark drawing", for me, are drawings like THIS ... seriously, it's not even horror, it's cute.) But anyway.... Deviantart isn't helping me as it used to. As a consequence I'm here, making this post although I still don't have an animation nor a flash game to show. But yeah... what can I do?

I hope that you, guys, enjoy my work.
Greetings for everybody. :)