Entry #3


2013-10-29 13:18:25 by LahBT

I'm really surprised.
I received a good attention on Newgrounds. I thought that, for a start, it would be difficult because I'm new here, I don't exactly know all the ways I can expose my drawings on this site, and etc... (as it was difficult on other sites. It cost me a little time for someone to notice my works).
But it was not.
In 3 days I got 547 views in one drawing. I mean... maaaaan, it's a lot. For me it's a lot. Even comments people sent me.
I'm like...what the heck???? What I did special?? xDDDD
Hahaha kidding.
But seriously now, guys. I'm entirely happy. Thank you all, so much, from the bottom of my heart.
It just made my day.


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2013-11-05 11:02:26

You joined NG, that's what happened. :) Glad to hear it's going good!

LahBT responds:

Haha yeah, it's true. I think I really made the right choice.
Thank you. :)