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When life gives you lemon When life gives you lemon

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute, different and interesting. I'll play this game for sure, when it get finished. :)
But I found a bug while I was playing it. When I planted the lemon tree and I was trying to jump from the first block to second (which is in other scenario), I fell and at the same time I pressed the button to the right (so the scenario with the tree returned) and then the game "crashed", because the rabbit fell, but the camera didn't follow him. It was stuck on the scene with the monkey and the tree.
I don't know if I could explain it well (because English isn't my native language), but in any case I can send you a message trying to explain it in a better way. =]

Again, you did I great job. Please, don't give up. Surely this would be a very good game.

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